ELLTX Computers was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1998 after a 7 year run as Morris Computer Services Inc.  The principal of Morris Computer Services handed the reins of the business over to one of his employees of 6 years to take a position with an international corporation.  That is when the new name of ELLTX was created and incorporated.

ELLTX Computers is a business class computer sales and service company specializing in small to medium size business computer systems.  We have worked with local accounting software vendors, medical practices, schools systems, customs brokerage houses, and many other types of businesses.  ELLTX would evaluate the business needs and merge that information with a client's budgetary requirements to produce an affordable computer system to improve their internal processes.

We built the computers in-house, installed and configured all the software, delivered and set up the equipment, and finally trained the staff on the new system.  After the sale, we were available to assist with any questions or issues that came up.  We performed regular maintenance and updates.  If we noticed areas where business practices could be improved we would advise the client of a potential time or money saving ideas.

In 2003 ELLTX Inc. was dissolved and the business was sold. The owner moved to Iowa. In 2004 the business was purchased by a competing computer service company in Tucson.  In 2010 the original owner of ELLTX computers, now in Iowa, was able to purchase the rights to the ELLTX.COM domain name retaking its ownership.  While the corporation is no longer in effect the name has once again taken root with its origins. And the child company that was born under the ELLTX umbrella, Designing Results, can now once again be linked to ELLTX Computers!

Going forward we hope to be able to bring back some of the quality computer systems and service that ELLTX was well known for during the new millennium. If you need a hosting account for your website from a company born of customer service and technical know-how please visit hostingwithservice.com.  If you need a new website or need your existing website revamped please visit designingresults.com.  If you need anything related to home or business computing please select the contact us link under the About menu here.