ELLTX Computers

Desktop Computers

Small to Medium Companies consult with me and then purchase workstations, servers, and/or software to fill the needs of the business.

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Tell me who you are and what you are looking for to start the process.

If you are looking for a Home PC or a Work PC or a complete System I can help you get the best prices and make it happen for you.  

I use my 25+ years of experience designing computers, computer systems, servers, and software for every kind of small business you can imagine.  I've set up Law Offices, Multi-Doctor Offices, Audiology Offices, Manufacturing Offices, and Factory Floors. I've helped hundreds of home office setups get all tuned up and dialed in to do the jobs needed.

You can hire me as a consultant for $65/hr to just pick my brain and help you find and install whatever technology you need.


You can consult with me and if you accept my offer of a solution the consultation ends up being free.  I'll provide a detailed bid/estimate for all the hardware, software, setup, and configuration.  When you accept the bid/estimate, I'll configure and set up the equipment and provide all the documentation at the end along with the final bill.  

In most cases, I require 50% of the bid/estimate upon acceptance and the balance due upon completion.