ELLTX Remote Support Setup

Before we can begin doing remote support, you will need to install software on your computer that will allow access to your machine over The Internet connection.

I know that sounds scary, but the software uses the highest level of encryption to protect you and it can only be accessed by us.  So there is no worry that some 3rd party is going to "hack" your system because this software is installed.

And if you are truly concerned, you can always remove the software after we are done with the support session. 

I recommend against removing the software because while it is installed it will periodically send a report to us if you are behind in doing windows updates or if your anti-virus software somehow gets compromised. Then we can warn you, maybe days or months before you would normally notice that you've been infected. 

This software will require you to receive an email from us with a link to download the software.  Once downloaded you simply run the program and in a minute or so we will be able to connect to your computer.  (Provided your computer is accessing The Internet currently.)  Before our scheduled connect time you will receive an email from us with the link and need to download and run the program that will allow our remote support connection to your computer.


An Alternative Remote Connection Method

The below version requires you to be present to answer permission questions when presented and you will have to provide a randomly generated code each time it is run. 

This one is best for a "one time" remote session.

The main downside is that

  1. you have to be present,
  2. you have to launch the program each time,
  3. you must answer questions the program will prompt you with,
  4. and you will have to provide the randomly generated code to us before the session can start.

CLICK HERE to download and then RUN /INSTALL the downloaded file. 

If you experience any difficulty, please let us know.