ELLTX Computers

ELLTX Remote Support Setup

Before we can begin doing remote support, you will need to install software on your computer that will allow access to your machine over The Internet connection.

I know that sounds scary, but the software uses the highest level of encryption to protect you and it can only be accessed by us.  So there is no worry that some 3rd party is going to "hack" your system because this software is installed.

And if you are truly concerned, you can always remove the software after we are done with the support session. 

Once downloaded, from the link below, you simply run the program, and in a minute or so we will be able to connect to your computer.  (Provided your computer is accessing The Internet currently.) 

You never want to allow this kind of access to your workstation unless you know the person connecting is legit.

CLICK HERE to download and then RUN /INSTALL the downloaded file. 

After you download the file from the above link, on Windows machines it will be saved to your "Downloads" folder. Find it there and double-click on it to start the installation process. Or you can usually just click on the downloaded file in your browser to start the installation.

You may need to permit your Windows Operating System because this software has to link into your operating system to do what it does. 

If you experience any difficulty, please let me know.

Using this remote connection I can perform many tasks that can resolve issues like reduced performance, printer not found, printer not printing, removing malware or unwanted installed programs, etc... 

And if you are concerned, when we are done you can right-click on your Windows icon and select Apps and Features to be presented with all the programs currently installed on your machine. The top one will likely be Action1 Client.  Just click on it and select uninstall and a few seconds later it will be completely removed from your system.