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Is Your Computer Slow?

This is my specialty!  I've been "cleaning" computer workstations to make them perform like they did when they were new for the last 25+ years.

It's Pretty Easy but Takes Time

There are tons of YouTube videos, blog articles, and even websites dedicated to providing users with the step by step methods for getting all the junk that just naturally collects cleaned out of your computer.  The big problem is WHO HAS TIME FOR ALL THAT?

Time is Money!

Your time is valuable so don't waste it trying to do this yourself.  And don't spend a fortune at the big box store support counter getting some fresh out of high school person to just make a mess of your system. I've come up with two very affordable and easy-to-do options for you.

Computer Cleaning Options

Remote Access Cleaning

Drop Off Cleaning


Just like it sounds, I will "remote" into your computer through The Internet and do the work needed to remove junk files, and unwanted programs, and perform updates to installed software and the operating system. This can all be done without you wasting any of your time. 

You simply download and install my remote access software (which you can remove after I'm done if you are paranoid about it) and then at the scheduled date and time I will take control of your machine and begin working.

While I'm working your computer will reboot and may look like nothing is going on.  This can be me waiting on a system update to finish downloading, so be patient and don't use your computer until I give you the "All Clear". 

I will also either need your computer login info OR you will have to be available to re-log into your computer after any restarts that I must do.

If you can't access The Internet or have a very poor Internet connection then this might be your only option.  You bring your computer to me.  In some cases, I may be able to meet you halfway since I am located in a fairly remote place. 

I will have your machine for several days. The advantage of this method over the remote method is it will be a much more thorough cleaning.

I use several various scanning and cleaning programs to do the work and they each can take an hour or more to do their thing on your machine.  

Even just performing missed updates on Windows can take many hours on some machines. For this reason, I will need your workstation for several days to complete all the needed tasks.

Just $65.00

Only $85.00



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Include a few dates and times that will work for you.